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Things to do on a Bank Holiday Weekend

The Easter bank holiday is nearly over and here in the UK we’ve been very fortunate with good weather so most of us having been enjoying the weekend outside. It can be tricky to find things to do though, especially if the weather isn’t too great. With more bank holiday weekends approaching, I thought I could share some of my ideas.

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For the sunny days:

Go to the local park

This is a great way to spend time with friends or family in a different surrounding and get some good old vitamin D. You could take a picnic, play football or just have a nice chilled out chat. There are some parks that have fitness equipment in, so if you can find one of those near you, you could try and fit in a quick workout and then relax afterwards. It’s a great way to spend a day out as it’s free and brings people together. The only negative is that it can bring all different types of people, some of which may not be so friendly. If you’re not keen on one in your area, see if you can find a different one nearby, or maybe even a pub with a field/park.

Outdoor Cinema

A number of communities organise outdoor cinema’s on the nicer days, some of which are free. It’s a great way to get together with friends and watch whatever films are on. It can also be a great way to meet new people. Facebook is a great way to find these events.

Water park

On the really hot days, it may be fun to get some friends together and go to a water park or a theme park. That way you can get together and have some adrenaline filled fun. The warmer days are great for this as it’ll really feel like you’re on holiday. The only downside is they are usually further away and are quite expensive.

Go to a beach

A sunny day is a great day to go down to the beach. To get a feel for that sea air can be the perfect thing, especially amidst hectic times in life. It’s a free thing (apart from travel) but the only bad thing is that it is likely to be very busy. If you get down there early enough though, you may miss most people.

Mini Golf

This is a really popular thing near me. As soon as the sun’s out, the mini course is packed but the strange thing is, when you’re playing, you stop noticing all the people around you. It’s a great bit of fun, and it’s usually not too costly.


If the weather is nice and you have the weekend off, it’d be a great time to go and see new things around you or go to historic monuments. You could go visit some nearby castles or see some natural creations. It can be a satisfying experience as you may appreciate your surroundings more. It does take a bit of planning (and usually a bit of money too).

Animal Parks (safari)

Going to see some animals always fulfils my day and it’s something that’s always nicer when it’s sunny. You get to see all of the exotic wildlife that you normally wouldn’t. It can be expensive though and again, it’s likely to be busy on the nicer days.

On the not so nice days:


On bank holiday weekends, there are often new releases so you could go to watch a new film with some family and friends. It can be a nice treat if you don’t usually do it. Plus, you could go all out and get the VIP seats, popcorn, snacks, drinks etc. to have the full experience (although it can get quite expensive)


You could try to find a new shopping mall or a place that you don’t usually go for some retail therapy. You don’t even have to buy anything as window shopping can be quite fun. It’s a good way to get out of the house, look at some new things but not be exposed to the elements.

New Restaurant

Eating out isn’t something I’m a huge fan of but many people are. You could treat yourself to dine somewhere new or somewhere that you’ve wanted to go to for a while. It can be a nice experience.

Games Night

This is something that I’ve found fun on weekends as you can have friends or family over later in the evening and you can all bring different board games that you have lying about. It can be good fun and also a good way to get everyone together in a relaxed way. Be warned though, these can last very late into the night.

Indoor Activity Centre

There are many activity centres now that offer great things indoor, like skydiving simulators. There’s a Bear Grylls adventure event at the NEC, Birmingham which looks like great fun. Some of it is outdoors, but a lot seems to be inside. You could have a look at something like that in your area, although, they too tend to be quite expensive. I did do an indoor high ropes course though in a shopping centre once and that was fun and not expensive at all (as far as I can recall).

Anyway, I hope that you got a few ideas of how you can make your bank holiday weekends fun and use them to their full potential. Remember to have some fun but some relaxing time too. Any more suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comment section.

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