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How To Create a Positive Workspace

We spend most of our day in the workplace so theoretically, it should be a nice environment. Often that isn’t actually the case. Obviously, most of us would love to work in a place like Google, but that can require a big budget. So how do us smaller businesses create a good working environment?

1. Order

Any kind of workspace should be an orderly one. It should be easy for you and your employees to access all the necessary documentation. Things should be filed away and desks should have organisers on them.

There are loads of ways to organise office space in a way that’s attractive too. You can get drawer organisers, matching sets for the desktop, etc. all of which encourages you and your staff to keep things tidy.

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it also helps keep the focus on work. As the saying goes, “tidy space, tidy mind”. If workspaces are cluttered then people being unorganised, which can lower productivity and motivation as well as potentially bringing mistakes.

2. “Chill” Zone

In every workplace, there should be a space (or ideally a room), where you can go to just unwind. Being stuck at a computer all day isn’t good for anybody and even if you take a break, but stay behind your desk, you aren’t actually giving your mind a chance to unwind.

It can be a good place to socialise but also to take some time out. We all hit a moment at some point where we are mentally blocked. Stepping away from our current situation into a neutral space.

This space should have sofas, chairs, windows, music, maybe even games. Take inspiration from Google and see what kind of environment you would like to create. As an employer, it can seem risky creating a fun place as employees may spend more time there than working but that’s where targets come in.

3. Targets

Everyone enjoys having clear direction and as an employer, it is your duty to make it clear what you expect from your workforce. Targets often have a negative connotation as they can bring stress. In many businesses, if you don’t meet your targets, you lose your jobs. These targets are often sales-based. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Creating targets can be as simple as outlining what you want done in the day. Then it is up to the employee to manage their time well enough to get it done. That way, everyone knows where they stand, what needs to be done, which helps create a more positive work environment.

4. Breaks

It’s important for you and your staff to take regular breaks. If you work at a computer, then every couple of hours, you should get up and move around. You should give your eyes a break from staring at a screen.

Encourage short, regular breaks as well as a longer lunch break. It helps the day go by in a more relaxed way and can actually improve productivity. After all, our attention span dwindles at around 90 minutes so by stepping away for a bit, we reset it and can then bring another strong 90 minutes of work.

Having the freedom to move around and not be judged for it also brings about a more relaxing atmosphere.

5. Plants

Plants are a great way to make a workspace a lot more visually appealing. We all feel better outside and in the fresh air, but unfortunately, we can’t usually work outside. So why not bring the outdoors, inside? It makes a place feel less formal and can improve productivity with a feel-good factor.

6. Music/TV

This is the final way of creating a more pleasant working environment. Having music playing in the background can be a great way to make everyone feel at ease. TV’s can also be good and I’ve seen them used in workplaces but for my liking, they cause too much distraction. A lot of people work better when they are listening to music as silence at times can be deafening. It can even become a bit of fun by having people request songs. Music licenses in public places can be tricky so having the radio on may be better.

Hopefully you’ve managed to find some good ideas here of how to make a good working environment. It’s about letting people be themselves and allowing creativity to flow whilst balancing productivity. Having a good working environment will bring about better results overall.

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