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How Do I Find My USP?

A unique selling point. So often mentioned in business but how do we find our own? In order to succeed in business, we need to find something unique about our business so that we can develop a strong marketing campaign. You are likely to be selling either a product or service that already exists to some extent, but that’s not to say that you won’t succeed.

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The first thing to look at is what exactly you are selling. Is there something unique about the product itself or how it is made? Is there something unique about the location of your business or how it operates? You want to be able to show that you are different from your competition and there needs to be something that your customers can see. For example, you are selling trainers but you are customising them in your own way. Immediately, they are exclusives that cannot be bought elsewhere. Or if you are washing cars, perhaps you only use a specific brand of product or you guarantee for them to be washed in a certain time.

If nothing springs to mind when you think of your business, then it may mean you will need to modify things in order to make it unique. It can change later on, but to start with, you need to be clear on why people should choose your business and not your closest competition.

It’s not necessarily possible to modify a product, but you can always modify the customer service. Think of a spa or a hotel. What makes you choose one place or another? It’s the service and how you are treated.

Ultimately, you are your unique selling point. You make your business unique as you are the only one of you in the entire world. Branding is important in businesses but you want to consider being personable. Connect with your customers and give them an experience they won’t forget.

A unique selling point doesn’t have to be something extravagant but it should be something memorable. It may be that your business donates a part of its profits to charity. That will give people the sense they are helping the wider community by using your business.

In order to actually start the process, jot down all the major points of what your business does and what your business provides. On another sheet of paper, pick one competitor and write down what they offer. Now you can compare what’s unique about your competition and what’s unique about your business.

Hopefully, that in itself will identify what your USP is. It may be that you offer a combination of products that other similar companies don’t. It may be that your nearest competition is 50 miles away. It may be that you personally deliver.

Don’t worry if nothing comes up straight away. Then you can look at what you can change to make it differ from your competition. What would you want if you were the customer? If you’re not sure, you could do some market research or ask those around you for suggestions. Jot down all of those ideas and see what would be the best for you, both in delivering that USP but also the ease of marketing it. You don’t want to pick an idea that doesn’t really add value as it won’t entice people.

You can always try different things, especially in the early phases of your business. You want to see what brings in customers. If an idea doesn’t work in reality, then scrap it, at least for the time being. The more ideas you visit, the further you can refine them.

Hopefully you’ve found this post helpful. For any more business advice, please get in touch for a free consultation.

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