Why Do I Suddenly Feel Anxious?

Anxiety is something we all experience but it can be scary if we start experiencing high levels of anxiety for no obvious reason. Fearing that feeling brings about more anxiety and there’s no easy way to stop it.

When it comes managing anxiety, it’s best to try and distract yourself and keep moving forward. Take some time to read a book, go for a walk, draw, make music, etc. Dwelling on thoughts can heighten the anxiety and leave you feeling trapped, which is exactly what you want to avoid.

One of the main reasons you “suddenly” feel anxious is that you’re overwhelmed. There are too many things going on in your life that are causing stress and anxiety is a way of your subconscious trying to protect you. Ultimately, stress can kill. It’s a threat and anxiety is designed to protect you from threats.

Having a busy lifestyle can seem good at times but it can lead to burnout. You’re left juggling a hundred things and dropping one of them can leave you feeling like a failure. That level of pressure can become stressful, thus anxiety-provoking.

Sudden anxiety can also be caused by a sudden shift in energy. By that, I mean the energy in a room or between people. Sensitive people often experience anxiety when there is a shift in attitudes. Remember, there are many non-verbal cues given off by people. If someone you are around has something playing on their mind or they are irritate by something, you can pick up on it; if not consciously then subconsciously and that can trigger anxiety.

Lack of control can also suddenly trigger anxiety. People often find comfort in controlling situations and thankfully, there are a lot of situations we can control. When we are put in one that we can’t, that can trigger anxiety. Your fate is out of your hands for a moment and that can leave you feeling helpless. Feeling helpless then brings about fear which then brings anxiety.

Anxiety isn’t a bad thing. Sure, it can be annoying and make life more challenging but if you view it as a warning light, then you realise how helpful it actually is. If you feel anxious, then that means there’s something wrong, either with the situation you’re in or with your lifestyle. Personally, when I “suddenly” felt anxious, it turned out to be because of issues in my life that had built up and left me at breaking point. Nowadays, if I “suddenly” feel anxious, it’s usually because the situation I’m in is negative or the person I’m with is in a negative headspace.

Understanding the cause of the anxiety is crucial in being able to overcome it. Either way, take a breather from what ever you’re doing and try to get yourself into a relaxed state of mind so that you can focus on the next step.

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