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What is Life Coaching and Why Should I Go?

Life can get pretty intense sometimes with work, school, family, money etc. We are under a lot of stress a lot of the time either from the world around us or from the pressure we put on ourselves. The thing is, we are human and can only do so much. In life, it’s important to strive to do our best and be the best version of ourselves. There is no reason to compete with others.

The other overwhelming issue that many of us have is finding our purpose. I truly do believe that we all have our calling in life, but society usually dims that down and encourages us to conform to it’s standards. Where would we be without the artists or the scientists or the cleaners? We all have a role to play here but it’s challenging to follow that role and reach our goals. This is where life coaching comes in.

Life coaching is a way of bridging the gaps between dreams and reality. It helps you analyse where your life is out now and what your goals and aspirations are as well as then creating a plan of how to achieve those goals. A life coach offers you guidance on the planning aspect as well as assisting you in overcoming the challenges you face whether they are internal or external.

There are many reasons to invest in life coaching but it really depends where you are in your life and where you want to go. Life coaching is designed to help you unlock your full potential, not just assist you logistically. It enhances your thought clarity and helps you reach your maximum potential to lead a fulfilling life. After all, fulfilment is one of the main objectives in life, right? You want to be happy and feel like you’ve done good in the world. Life coaching can assist with personal problems like setting boundaries (which is something many anxious people struggle with) and overcoming fears or insecurities. Life coaching can be a great investment whether you want to improve personally or professionally.

Life coaching is often mentioned as a consideration for overcoming anxiety as it isn’t really considered a therapy. But actually, it may be the perfect option for some. It won’t be a traditional method for dealing with anxiety as it doesn’t involve dealing with the symptoms, which is obviously a huge request when anxious. However, over the years, I have learnt that overcoming anxiety takes a long time and actually, to overcome it, you have to be motivated to achieve things in life.

When undertaking life coaching, you will unlock your core values which are usually split into four categories: integrity, accountability, discipline and diligence. The reason that this is important is that when there is a misalignment between our values and our actual lives, we often become stressed or conflicted because of that. Being able to understand your core values will enable you to prioritise what goes on in your life and what is actually important to you.

As well as core values, you will also look into your limiting beliefs which are beliefs that you take on throughout life that end up acting like forces stopping you from achieving everything you can or being your best self. They limit our growth and progress and can be shown through lack of motivation or believing that you don’t have the ability or resources to do what you want. When visiting a life coach, you will find ways to overcome those beliefs and create new and more positive beliefs.

Life coaching can be expensive so it may be worth looking for online meetings that are more like a group session but as times are ever changing, there may also be apps to act like a life coach. Before you seek out a life coach, be clear with what you want to achieve. Is it overcoming anxiety or is it furthering your career? The main reason to be clear in advance is to get the most out of your sessions and it’s a good marker point as to if it is actually working. As there are different types of life coaches, it will also enable you to track down the right one. There are business coaches, confidence coaches, relationships coaches and wellness coaches. If you struggle with anxiety, you wouldn’t want to go to a business or relationship coach.

Life coaching can help you overcome anxiety by dealing with your stressors and making your life fulfilling. If you realise that your dream is to become a professional photographer, pursuing that will hopefully cause the anxiety to diminish over time. However, if you try and settle into an office job, your anxiety will probably get worse as it isn’t something that you want to do. Life coaching can give you the confidence and tools you need to pursue your dreams.

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