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Using Holiday Seasons To Promote Your Business

October brings about the feeling of the holiday season. Autumn sets in and more events start happening in the lead up to Christmas meaning it is the perfect time to boost sales. Perhaps you’ve had a business idea you’ve had on the back burner for a while, but weren’t sure when to start. Well, the holiday season may be perfect!

1. Promo codes

Most commonly, businesses will use promo codes during certain seasonal events to encourage people to buy at a discount. The code itself will usually have something to do with whatever season the sale is valid in (I.e. spookyBoo21).

Most website builders like Wix will allow you to set up promo codes effortlessly so that the user can apply them at checkout and they will be charged accordingly.

The only downside to promo codes is that it requires you to have some kind of consumer-base already. You can offer your product for half price but if no-one knows who you are, they are unlikely to buy. Either they will think it’s a scam or they will actually think your product is worth less than it’s usual price.

2. Themed content

A lot of people are now more focused on the aesthetics on things rather than the content/substance/product itself. Take for example you have an Instagram feed full of useful tips but it’s sort of all over the place. Each post has a different style. People may ignore it, but if it has a certain aesthetic, they are more likely to be drawn in and follow you.

Holiday seasons are the perfect time to implement a different aesthetic to your content whether it’s social media or extends to your website also. For autumn you could try using fall colours such as orange, burgundy, etc. It’s also worth editing your photos in a certain style or using certain filters.

Every brand should have their certain colour scheme or visual branding and using a season to change your up a bit. Halloween could be a good opportunity to go for more grungy style photographs or using filters that look like the images are taken from a film camera. Christmas could allow for a nice transition into lights and warmer colours. It’s a good opportunity to find your style to entice people to find out more about your business.

3. Host an event

Seasons are a great time to host an event. People have more free time because of the public holidays, especially around Christmas time. The fantastic thing with about current technology is that you don’t necessarily need a physical premises to host an event.

An event can constitute as a variety of things. If you do have a physical shop, you could have some kind of event like a raffle or a fund raiser or something happening that will cause people to gravitate towards your store.

If you want to do something online though, you could host a competition to get people to share information about your business or you could hold a virtual event like a workshop. It depends on your business and what your goals are. The easiest and often most profitable are some kind of giveaway competitions that involve people sharing your content with their “friends”.

Holiday seasons are a great time to promote your business, but it requires time and effort to push forwards and gain some kind of momentum. Don’t be afraid to try different things, especially when starting out. Have a look at what other businesses are doing around the holiday seasons to see if their methods apply to you.

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