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The Woman In The Window - Film Review

A woman who lives alone in New York suffers from agoraphobia, witnesses something awful opposite her house. When trying to get to the bottom of it, it appears that everyone is determined to prove her crazy. Did she really witness a murder?

The story follows Anna, a psychologist, who suffers from agoraphobia and is therefore practically housebound. She rents out her basement to David, who she doesn't seem to know that much about.

New neighbours move in across the road and we meet Ethan, a troubled teen who confides in Anna. Shortly after that, Anna has a panic attack because of children throwing stuff at her house on Halloween. A lady comes to the rescue, Ethan's mom, and they spend the evening together, drinking, chatting, laughing... Then Anna sees a horrific incident across the street but has no proof.

The movie then focuses on Anna finding what clues she can to validate her own sanity but also to potentially help someone. As the film progresses, we find out more about Anna's troubled past that may question her credibility.

Aside from that... not too much happens. It's a quiet film where we follow Anna's discoveries. The pace is a bit slow but the acting is practically perfect, especially from Amy Adams and Gary Oldman. However, the ending just wasn't satisfying for me, but with the setup, I don't think there was a great outcome. Is she crazy or isn't she? If she is, that'd be interesting but then the film would feel like a waste of time. If she isn't, then is predictable. It just reached a point with the clues that you don't really know how to put it together and it doesn't make that much sense in hindsight.

It's worth a watch if you like the cast, but it's more of a film to put on when there's not that much else on. I haven't read the book, so I can't compare, but from other reviews, it seems fans were pretty disappointed. It's well-produced though, and aesthetically pleasing as a thriller.

My Rating - 6/10

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