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The One - Series Review

Soulmates... an interesting concept. It's something that has been mentioned throughout all generations but in recent years, the idea of soulmates has been abandoned by most. The One is a show about a scientific way of finding your one perfect match. Your soulmate.

The One follows Rebecca, the founder of 'The One'. Throughout the series we are shown glimpses of the past as to how she created it and what hoops she had to jump through to become so successful in her venture. We also follow her present situation on how she is fighting to keep control of her company.

The science part is vaguely explained and considering it is a work of fiction, they did a good job. Rebecca's journey also felt incredibly realistic. She was passionate about her idea but in pursuing it, she had to cross some ethical (and legal) boundaries in order to become successful. Not only does she sacrifice parts of her own life but she also sacrifices others. She's not the most likeable character, but as the series goes on, we learn more about why is behaves in such a way.

All the characters are intertwined but have separate, in-depth storylines. There is a married couple who have a strong relationship but it all starts to fall apart when the wife becomes paranoid that her husband will try to find his soulmate, so she finds his soulmate first.

One of the major storylines that goes throughout the series is the investigation into Rebecca's friend's death. Initially, it was ruled as a suicide but a detective becomes convinced that Rebecca was involved. As the audience, we know that Rebecca is involved, but we have to wait until the end to find out how.

The main reason this show appealed to me was the question it makes you ask yourself. Would you want to find your soulmate even if you were in a committed relationship? It's one of those temptations that you see the characters fall for.

My favourite part *SPOILER ALERT* was the reveal that you can have more than one soulmate. The main niggle for me throughout the entire thing was that the science didn't make sense but the show addressed this and I believe that's the main storyline for season 2.

It's worth watching as it's an interesting concept and the characters are realistic BUT they aren't relatable to most. Perhaps the young, married couple are the most relatable but to see a relationship that strong is also pretty rare. The pace is a bit slow but you can get through it in one weekend. For eight episodes though, it's not particularly memorable but that doesn't mean you can't have fun watching it.

My Rating - 7/10

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