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Symptoms of Anxiety

When suffering with anxiety, there are a lot of symptoms that come with it, a lot of which are physical. For many years, I was surprised at how a mental issue could manifest itself into physical problems. However, ce you understand what’s causing the physical sensations, it’s easier to overcome them and live life normally.

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Mental Symptoms:

- Constant worrying about trivial things

- Racing thoughts

- Extreme tiredness

- Difficulty Concentrating

- Difficulty with sleeping

Physical Symptoms:

- Tense muscles

- Bad stomach

- Dry mouth/throat

- Shaking

- Heart Palpitations

- Sweating

- Dizziness

- Needing the toilet more frequently

There are undoubtedly more symptoms but the ones listed above are the most common. In my experience, it is the physical symptoms that cause anxiety disorders to disrupt your life. They make it unpleasant to be out with other people, and if being out with other people triggers those symptoms, it’s easy to see why you can end up avoiding certain situations.

The thing is, once you let the physical symptoms take control, they tend to become worse and for more situations. Although it may be tempting to focus on dealing with the physical symptoms, tackling the mental ones first should actually cause some of the physical ones to go away.

In regards to dealing with the physical symptoms, it may be best to find ways to distract yourself from them. Mindfulness is often used for this as it is a way to focus on your surroundings (also known as ‘grounding’). Try to accept that the unpleasant feelings will pass and remember to give your body a break after dealing with anxiety provoking situations.

If you feel as though the above symptoms apply to you or you have anxiety disorders, try to consult a GP or counsellor who could hopefully provide you with tailored information and help with your journey.

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