Making 2022 Your Year

January is quickly drawing to a close which means there’s only 11 months left. January to me has never seemed like a good time to start new things as you’re recovering from the Christmas period and your life is coming back to normal. That doesn’t mean there isn’t time to make this your best year yet.

Start with goals

Figure out what you want from this year. When talking about life goals, most of us think long term but in order to have the best year you can; think about the things you want to achieve THIS year. It could be getting certain grades, saving up a certain amount, visiting a new place, starting a new project, etc.

Whatever your goals are, it’s important to put them somewhere. Personally, I like to write things down in a journal as it’s something I can look at regularly and remind myself of what I want to do in the year (and hopefully achieve). A lot of people like creating vision boards as they are much prettier to look at and you can hang them up to make sure you see it every day.

By being clear on your goals for the year, you can actively work towards them rather than looking back on the year wishing you’d done something but didn’t find the time.

Find the Balance

One of the things that leads to a happy life is by finding a balance between things. That means your professional life and personal life. Make time for yourself where you can find time to not only relax but grow.

Also find time for others. Humans are social creatures which means we need social interactions. Working with people isn’t enough but we can neglect our social life especially if we are focused on achieving professional goals.

Naturally, we also have responsibilities to fit into our schedule such as looking after animals, food shopping, chores, etc.

The older we get, the more stuff we have to fit into our schedule which is why finding a balance is so important. Ideally, you should be sleeping 8 hours a night, exercising 30 minutes a day, working, socialising and eating three meals.

Set yourself a schedule for the week and see how it goes. It may require tweaks but you should find yourself living a fulfilling lifestyle.

Participate in events

This could mean taking up a new hobby, volunteering or participating in events you already get invited to. The reason this is important is because it allows you to meet people and make new memories. By sticking to the same routine, we don’t allow any room for growth. Going to events, we can interact with new people. We can make new friends and maybe even form romantic relationships out of it.

If you’re unsure where to start, you can join groups on Facebook for your area where people usually advertise things that are going on locally. You can also look in the local paper. If you have a specific hobby you are thinking of (such as horse-riding) then you can also check out the places social media as they will advertise any events they have going on at their facility.

Ultimately, life is what you make it and sometimes the hardest thing to do is to focus on our own life. With social media, we can see all the highlights of other peoples lives which can leave us feeling like we are failing in our own. Having the best year of your life so far, may not look the same as someone else’s. For some, it may mean starting a family. For others, it may mean gaining some of their own independence or being able to leave the house. Whatever it is, stay focused on what you want from the year and build you plan to work towards that.

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