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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

December is filled with many wonderful things; it's Christmas, New Years Eve which means lots of lights, music and food. These things put together can truly be magical but at this time of year, there can also be a lot of stress. If you're already dreading the thought of everything to come in December, then hopefully here you will find some tips.

1. Crowds

Everywhere gets busier in December. People are rushing around Christmas shopping or trying to see loved ones. If you suffer from social anxiety, this can seem like the worst time of year because of crowds.

Tips: Do your shopping online. Plan the times you go out. Practice going to fun events like Christmas markets for a short period of time.

Dealing with social anxiety in big crowds is tough but don't put too much pressure on yourself.

2. Presents

Buying presents is extremely stressful as you end up spending a lot of money and you won't know if the person will like it etc.

Tips: Buy token gifts or funny gifts. Stick to one gift per person.

Remember the old saying: "it's the thought that counts"? Try to apply that to presents. Buying something small and meaningful is all that matters rather than trying to impress people with big gifts.

3. Family Feuds

It's a well known fact that around Christmas time there can be conflicts within families. People don't see each other for long periods of time and then are all stuck together in one space. Tensions can arise because of different families coming together or who you should see on Christmas.

Tips: Put yourself as a priority - when everybody compromises too much, nobody ends up happy. Don't get involved in arguments, keep your peace and practice breathing exercises.

It should be a joyful time and it is a choice to be happy so if others choose to argue, that doesn't need to affect you on that day.

December is a stressful month but it's also one of the most exciting. If you suffer from anxiety, reassure yourself that this month will fly by and find things to look forward to. With good planning, you will be able to deal with anxiety in December.

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