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How To Create A Logo

We all know that branding is a huge part of creating a successful business but every brand has to start with a logo. Coming up with a logo is a lot of pressure, so where do you start?

1. What’s your business about?

To generate ideas for your logo, be clear with exactly what your business is about. For example, if you’re opening a hair salon, you can incorporate hair tools in your logo. If you are a dog walker, you could include anything canine-related.

Having an online business can be more difficult which is why this is step one. Take my business for example. It’s a business dedicated to helping people in both personal and professional areas. That’s a pretty broad service. After thinking of things that reflect my business, I decided on a compass as to me, it meant finding your true north.

Naturally, if you want to leave your business open to options, you can centre your logo around the business name.

2. What’s your business’s name?

Before making your logo, it’s assumed you have your business name. That can form your logo. At its simplest, your logo can be the name but in some fancy font. The issue with that is that it is restrictive for social media icons, favicons, etc.

That then leaves you to find different options using the name. It could be your initials as the logo or the letters put together to form an interested and unique shape.

3. What kind of style do you want?

Who are you targeting? When it comes to making your logo, you want it to appeal to the right demographic. Creating something modern will likely appeal to the younger generation whilst using classical fonts and 3D style may appeal more to older generations. Design is constantly changing but your logo needs to reflect your brand as well as your customers.

Finally, when it comes to making your logo, you have three options. Do it yourself with software, use a logo maker, hire a graphics designer. Hiring someone to make your logo can get pretty expensive unless you sketch out exactly what you want and use a website like Fiverr. Logo makers are quite restrictive if you’re clear on your idea but they are great if you aren’t totally sure about what you want. Doing it yourself means that you need to be familiar with the software and have the time to put into it.

You want a logo that looks professional from the get-go. You can always change it later on, but in an ideal world, that will represent your entire brand. People should be able to see your logo and know immediately that it’s your business. A logo should be seen from afar and recognised. How you decide to make it is totally up to you but it’s always best to explore the free versions first.

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