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Enola Holmes - Film Review

Sherlock Holmes is undoubtedly one of the most famous characters in fictional history and is known worldwide. But is his younger sister quite as captivating?

Enola Holmes is exactly the type of character you would expect. She is just as you would imagine a young Sherlock. She is smart, witty, ambitious, and outspoken. Her relationship with her mother seems to be unbreakable. That is until her mother goes missing. Thus begins the quest for Enola to find her mother based on a series of clues.

We follow Enola on her adventure and we see a bit of Sherlock who is keen to find her and ensure her safety so that her other brother Mycroft, doesn’t send her away to some all-girls school where she will learn to be a ‘lady’.

It’s a traditional film of fun and adventure. I don’t want to go too much into detail as it will spoil a lot of the mystery. I find that a lot of films are most enjoyable if you have no idea what to expect.

The acting from everybody in this film is brilliant and although there are some serious topics, the overall feel of the film is that of joy and youth. It’s a family film and it definitely encourages young women to fight for what they believe in, even if those around them may say it’s wrong. The nicest part is seeing the relationship between Sherlock and his sister. There appears to be a large age gap but it’s reassuring to see siblings support and look out for each other; just be rivals.

There is also a budding romance throughout the film between Enola and Tewkesbury. Enola rescues him from some mad man and although they part ways, their paths cross again. Again, it’s a tale of love but portrayed in the most earnest of ways. It’s about loving someone in a way that you want what is best for them and are willing to support them even at your own detriment. It doesn’t have to be romantic.

I’d definitely recommend the film to watch on an afternoon where you just want to relax and unwind. There are plenty of fun moments and although it may not get you laughing out loud, it will leave you in good spirits and wanting more. The cast works brilliantly together and that comes across. The only downside is that it isn’t very memorable. Having watched it a few weeks ago, I can recall certain scenes but funnily enough, I’d forgotten the premise of the film (that she is searching for her mother). There are a few twists to keep you on your toes and it’s not entirely predictable (at least it wasn’t for me). It is definitely towards female empowerment but it isn’t pushed so hard that it distracts from the enjoyment of the film. Having Sherlock come in now and again helps that as he is supporting his sister, not because she is a woman but because she is family.

My Rating - 7/10

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