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Dealing with Money Anxiety

Making money is at the forefront of most people’s minds. Getting any job is hard enough let alone a steady, full-time job. Getting a job is even harder when you suffer from an anxiety disorder. The older you get, understandably there is more anxiety about making money. So how do we overcome it?

We are surrounded by media stars and influencers more than ever showing us their lavish lifestyle which then spurs on this need (especially for the younger generation) to match their lifestyle to that. In recent years, designer products are seen more regularly and people are fixated on appearing richer than they are.

For people that don’t have unlimited funds, it can be daunting when you see how the other half live, so to speak. Salaries haven’t changed a lot but the prices of things have. Take house prices in the UK for example, homes on average are now around £300,000 which is unthinkable for a first-time buyer. It’s a system that is designed to keep you in debt.

That means that a lot of people are trying to find other ways to make money. Becoming a social media influencer seems like an attractive way to make money but so many people are attempting that avenue, that it is becoming harder and harder to break into. I’ve written a blog post before on the effects of social media: https://www.zortex.co.uk/post/anxiety-social-media

People also try setting up their own businesses but without much research behind it and can end up investing a lot of money in something that doesn’t succeed. Again, most businesses don’t really see profit in the first few years.

Understandably, thinking about money a lot of the time will cause a lot of anxiety. Are we making enough? Can we afford to live? Will we be able to buy our own house? Will we get out of debt?

What I have learned in recent years is that nothing is guaranteed and money does not equal happiness. Many will disagree, but that’s a matter of opinion. Often those with a lot of money are missing genuine relationships and substance in their lives. Money becomes a fixation and it’s hard to break away, even if you already have plenty of it.

Do your best and reassure yourself of that. Look for a job doing something that you love. If you can’t find a job in that field, become freelance whilst working elsewhere part-time if you have to. Cut down on unnecessary costs. Look at the support available. Be open to new opportunities. Invest when you can.

There are always options and often in life, things that look bad at the time can turn out to be one of the best things to happen as it redirects your path. We live in a day and age when there are so many different income avenues; they just require perseverance. Anxiety can make life seem impossible. I found that employers wouldn’t even consider me once they found out I had an anxiety disorder. However, it didn’t bring my life to a standstill. Instead, I’m focusing on building a life that I’m happy with. Of course, I’m really fortunate with various circumstances, but only you know how you can make the best of your situation.

Anxiety about making money is normal but focus on what is truly important. You don’t need a flashy car and a massive house. Yes, those things are nice but we don’t actually need them. Be grateful for what you have now, and good things are likely to follow. That’s what I found in my experience. Life isn’t predictable and if it was, it’d be boring so remind yourself that it should all work out alright one way or another.

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