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Coronavirus Lockdown - How to Deal with Anxiety

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

In a matter of weeks, most of the world is on lockdown because of the coronavirus. Understandably, a lot of us are dealing with anxiety now as there is a lot of fear and uncertainty. Different from other anxieties, what we are dealing with is a real threat. Sadly a number of lives have already been lost and this pandemic is still getting worse in areas. So how are we supposed to deal with the anxiety we have and look after our mental health?

1. Focus on what you can do

We are flooded with facts and theories every day, and there are so many developments that it’s hard to keep track. Governing bodies and leaders have given clear advice to us though. Wash our hands, stay home, keep two meters away from others etc. Our duty is to follow that advice for the benefit of many lives.

If you are doing your bit, focus on that. You are doing the best you can and if all of us do that, then we will pull through sooner.

Try not to focus too much on the things that are out of your control as it is likely to add stress and anxiety, with little positive effect.

2. Restrict the amount you read about it

As mentioned, we are flooded with information regularly. There are updates on potential cures as well as the number of deaths. It’s a lot of information to process so try to limit yourself with how much you pay attention too.

Of course it is on everyone’s mind so social media is filled with articles on it and that’s practically all the news is covering at the moment. I found that it’s a good idea to watch an evening update every day so that I’m aware of the situation and any developments. No new instructions will be given in the middle of the day so try to focus your mind on more positive things.

3. Keep active

Being active when you are confined to your home can seem very difficult but it’s important for both our physical and mental health. There are many videos on instagram with ideas of how to exercise and I’m sure there are a huge amount of videos on at home exercise ideas.

You can start with yoga which is more gentle but also helps with relaxation which is important in this time. You could maybe dig out those workout DVDs that many of us have bought at one point or other.

Use home products as small weights instead of gym equipment. If you have a garden, try to do your exercise outside. If you don’t, there is plenty you can do indoors with many muscle groups. Also have the windows open to allow fresh air in when exercising.

4. Work on projects

When on lockdown, we can end up feeling trapped and bored. In order to keep our minds occupied, start a project. It could be something creative with clothes or clay. It may be difficult to get materials now but you can find things around the house to work on.

It could also be the perfect time to start on other projects that maybe you have been putting off. You can reshuffle furniture in your house or do some spring cleaning. Perhaps you could write the book you’ve always wanted. You could also create a YouTube channel for a passion such as cooking (which would come in handy for many people).

As difficult as the times are, it’s a great time to bring out our creative sides.

5. Make time for fun things

We may have a lot of free time for ourselves but it’s important to have some kind of routine. If you are working on projects then make sure that you plan time to do something fun. You could have a pamper day at home or make time to play some games. You could have a movie night with the people you are confined with.

Doing something fun is making the best out of a bad situation.

6. Remember that it will be over sooner or later

In just a few weeks, our lives have changed dramatically. It isn’t permanent though. We live in a day and age where we have medicine and healthcare. Already countries have gotten the situation under control. It may not be over as quickly as we would like but it will end. Throughout history, there have been challenging times for people and we always managed to pull together and get through it. Have faith and be brave.

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