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Back To School, Back To Work

Returning to school or work after the holidays never feels good. In one way, the holiday flew by, in another way, it doesn't feel like long enough. When dealing with anxiety, it brings about a load of issues as worry floods your mind. Will the people be accepting? Will I cope until the next break? Will I break? Below are a few tips that should hopefully make the return easier to deal with.

#1 Dress to Impress (yourself)

We all feel better when we look good so dress in a way that makes you feel most confident. If you wear a uniform, try and do something with your hair that makes you feel better or a wear a certain scent that makes you feel good. Also make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. One of the things that affect me worst, is when I am anxious and then a feel like my clothes are restricting me. Recently I find dresses better than jeans.

#2 Time Management

Plan your time effectively so that you can get things done when you need to. Go to bed at a reasonable time so that you can get yourself up early enough to get ready in the morning in a relaxed way. Plan your day so that you have time to do the necessary tasks and have time to do something you enjoy.

#3 Eat well

Try to eat in a way that suits your body. Certain foods can make you feel more anxious (like coffee and chocolate), so try to avoid those. Eat plenty of vegetables and eat at good times. This isn't a nutrition blog by any means, but eating better, helped me deal with anxiety much better in specific situations.

#4 To-Do Lists

Whether you're returning to school or to work, make a to-do list for the day or the week so that you know what tasks you need to do. This will help you focus your mind and should also mean you won't forget to do something by accident.

#5 Unwind at the end of the day

Once you get home, do something to relax whether that's a pamper session, exercise class or watching a film. Do something to relax your mind and get you ready for bed. Anxiety often leaves you feeling drained, so it's important to allow yourself time to mentally and physically recover.

Going back somewhere after the holidays can be challenging but by being prepared and putting yourself in a positive mindset, you should hopefully feel better about it. Just remember that these unpleasant moments are only temporary.

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