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5 Ways to Keep Busy During Lockdown

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Being stuck inside isn’t great, especially now that we are in spring and the weather is improving. However, it is required from us as our duty, to stay home and away from others in order to combat this enemy. Here are some ideas of what you can do indoors to keep yourself occupied and look after your mental health in this situation.

1. Clean the house

One of the biggest talks surrounding the coronavirus is that we need to keep washing our hands and disinfecting everything. Since we are having to clean, clean, clean, perhaps we can take on a slightly bigger project. Now would be a good time to clean our homes from top to bottom. We can take it steady, one room at a time but it’ll keep us busy and it will make us feel more productive which usually brings happiness.

It might also be an opportunity to reshuffle things in your home to make it feel different. You can rearrange furniture, change the pictures on the walls, give it a new look with whatever materials you have.

As the weather is getting nicer, you could also consider doing something in the garden. If you could order materials to be delivered then it presents an opportunity to be outside but isolated.

2. Write something every day

Something that helped keep my mind sharp a while back was writing. I still write now (obviously) but it’s different materials. The way I started was with something called ‘morning pages’. You grab a notebook and every morning, you write to fill three pages. The wonderful thing is those three pages can be filled with anything. Thoughts, poems, ideas; there really is no limit. Writing keeps your mind active and focused and it’s a fantastic way to start the day.

If you have more time on your hands, you could write something specific. Maybe a daily account of your experience with the coronavirus. You could start writing short stories or maybe even a play. Once inspiration hits, there’s no knowing where it’ll lead you to.

3. Have a workout session

Being confined is frustrating but it’d be good to use that frustration and turn it into something positive like exercise! I’m not a huge fan of working out but with time on my hands, it’s a good time to start.

There are plenty of materials online to assist with information and guidance. You can create your own ‘classes’ where you get fit. The possibilities are endless as you can get fit with dance, muscle workouts, cardio etc. Try to plan a time of day that you will dedicate to exercise otherwise it may be postponed until you reach a point in the day when you’re too tired.

Who knows, coming out of quarantine could be the fittest you’ve ever been.

4. Be creative with food

Having more time means less rushing around which means we can be more creative with food. Thankfully we are not rationed and the supply chains are still providing us with plenty of options. Try out some recipes that may require time but would be something you’d enjoy. Treat it as a night out when normally someone else would cook the meal but now you get the chance to.

You could also try baking or creating desserts. Most of us love a sweet treat so now we get a chance to make whatever we want. The options are practically limitless.

5.Have a movie night

Due to the cinemas being closed, a lot of films are being released early and are available to rent. If you are able to get some snacks and food, you could have a movie night with your household. Close the curtains, dim the lights, get cosy and watch a new film.

Hopefully some of the ideas above will help you during this difficult time. We are all doing our part to try and get through this crisis but when we reach the other side, we will be stronger and hopefully more united than before. Every challenge presents us with an opportunity, we just have to take it.

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