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5 Tips to Make a Great Flyer

Most people advertise digitally now but never underestimate the power of a good flyer. It gives your prospective customers something tangible to look at and reminds them of your business whenever they see it. That’s why, in this post, I’ll be sharing tips to make the best flyer you can.

1. Branding

The most important element to consider when designing your flyer is your brand. It needs to belong to you and your business. Not look like an entirely separate entity. That means, whatever colour palette you use through your other media, you use for your flyer. The same goes for fonts. It needs to be a part of one package so that if people decide to explore further, it looks familiar to them.

2. Match your website

Similarly to branding, matching your website layout is a great way to bring about familiarity. That means certain banners, icons, fonts, layouts, etc. should be incorporated on your flyer somehow. It would be as though taking a part of your website out into its physical form. It won’t have all the information but it will have the same feel. For example, if you include outlines, they should match the style of those on your website. You wouldn’t want a formal looking website with clean lines on one and childish scribbly lines on the other.

3. Images/graphics

Flyers need to be visually enticing. If it’s just a bunch of text, it’s likely to be thrown away almost immediately. However, if there is something eye-catching, they may take a second look. Ideally it should be something that relates to the information on the flyer but sometimes it can be fun to change things up sometimes. For example, if you are advertising a sale, you can have some magical creature (like a unicorn) to draw attention.

4. Something of value

The same thing goes for social media. You want to add something of value on your flyer. It could be a discount code or it could be some useful tips relating to a product/service you sell. Rather than just having information promoting yourself, give your potential customers a reason to keep the flyer around.

5. Contact Info/company name

It may seem obvious but plan where to put all your contact information as well as your company name. Of course, content is key but it’s vital that they know exactly whose business the flyer is for when looking at it and find it easy to get in touch. That means phone number, email, address, website, etc.

There are different ways to make flyers but the two I prefer are Canva as it gives you many templates as well as other elements that you can add or publisher if you want total control of how it is built.

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