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5 Steps To Relax

Stress, anxiety, fear, burnout. All things we are becoming used to experiencing regularly. We know that we are supposed to relax but how exactly do we do that?

1. Move any work away

More and more people are working from home which has led to increasingly blurred lines. Our work is in the same place as where we relax. That means that when you’re trying to relax, there’s a part of you that’s probably still thinking about work.

Have a dedicated space in your home where you can store any papers, technology, etc. That’s related to your work. Stick to your dedicated work hours as best as you can and once you “clock out”, move everything away so that you can truly begin relaxing in your own home. It’s

2. Use a planner

One of the most stressful things you can do to yourself is to try to keep everything in your head. Have a planner where you can jot down reminders and plan each day with a to-do list. A lot of people use their phones, but personally, that’s never worked for me. Pen and paper are the way to go! It is easier to remember but it’s also easier to use.

3. Exercise

This may seem counterintuitive but hear me out. Exercising releases endorphins but it also is a great way to forget everything that’s bugging you and burn off any anxious energy. By exercising for half an hour, you can tire yourself out which can then help you properly relax afterward.

4. Spend time outdoors

Being outside has many proven benefits for mental health. We aren’t meant to be stuck inside, so by taking yourself outdoors, you can reconnect with nature. Enjoy the different sights, sounds, smells. You could even try some grounding by taking off your shoes and walking barefoot on the grass, which helps regulate the ions in our body.

5. Disconnect

Technology stresses us out in more ways than one. We are constantly subjected to new news, people’s updates, stressful situations, etc. Many years ago, we would only be aware of our small part of the world, but now we are receiving updates from all over the world at all times. We work on our laptops and phones and we even try to relax by going on them. They are stimulating for our brain, so they aren’t actually helping you relax your mind, not to mention the blue light that’s bad for our eyes.

Taken a couple of hours away from your phone. Pick up a book, having a relaxing bath, do something that doesn’t involve technology.

These are just five tips to help you relax properly at home. They have all worked for me and hopefully, they will work for you too. Our brains need time to recover, so it’s up to us to give it the best chance in order to look after our mental health.

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