5 Facts about Anxiety

Anxiety is a word many of us use in our daily lives and is something we are increasingly aware of. Although we all know the word, we don’t necessarily know how it works.

Anxiety is something we all experience in one way or another

Anxiety is a process that has come about through evolution and is designed to protect us from dangers. Although we can all experience anxiety, it is on different levels for different people and has different triggers. For some, their anxiety response may get triggered by a stressful job, for others it may be triggered by being in small spaces. Anxiety gives you the adrenaline to either fight the danger or run away which is why it‘s such an unpleasant feeling to sit with.

Anxiety is often a result of exposure to long periods of stress

Anxiety disorders can be genetic

Anxiety can cause memory loss

Anxiety presents itself physically

Anxiety can manifest itself differently in different people but it’s not something that should be feared. It is there to help us. Our role is to understand why it is triggered and what we can change to lead a more fulfilling life.

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