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3 Ways to Fulfil your Day

The older you get, the quicker time seems to go. There are so many things to do and so little time. It’s understandable as more responsibility comes with age meaning that your life will be filled with more and more things that you “have” to do: work, shopping, cooking, cleaning etc. With only so many hours in day, it can be easy to fall into a routine of day to day life that leaves you feeling a bit empty inside.

From my experience, there are ways in which to ensure your day is fulfilled. It can be difficult to start with, as you have to break the routine, but it’s important that you try to live every day as happy as you can be. With three simple things, you should be able to make every day a little bit better.

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#1 - Do something productive

This may seem obvious but it helps a tremendous amount. It may be useful to make a list of all the things you need to do or would like to do and then every day, plan to do one thing off of that list. It’d be even better if it wasn’t a standard chore (like washing the dishes). Maybe you want to decorate, or you need to repair something. Maybe there is even a project you want to work on. Whatever it is, you will feel better after you accomplish something in the day.

Aim small to start with otherwise it may have the opposite effect. If you plan something to big and don’t manage to complete it, you may feel as though you failed or you didn’t do well.

#2 - Plan something nice for yourself

Every day, you should try to plan something nice for yourself. It’s important to make sure every day has something enjoyable in store. That may be watching a film, reading a book, starting a drawing or having a pamper session. Whatever it is, make sure that you have some fun and relaxing time to yourself. It also means that when a day is more challenging at school or work, you know you have something to look forward to.

#3 - Communicate with people

Most of us have to interact with people on a daily basis anyway but sometimes, it can be easy to shut down when things are getting tough. We are social creatures though so being able to express ourselves through words, usually makes things that bit easier. From my experience, when people have spoken about their feelings, they usually feel better straight away. It also helps broaden your viewpoint and knowledge as you gain the insight of others.

If you don’t have the opportunity to communicate face to face, you could message a friend or family member. You could also use online forums to talk to people in a similar situation. If all else fails, you could write in a journal. Write as how you would speak and that should hopefully still fill a part of your day with happiness to get thoughts and feelings off your chest.

There are a number of other ways to fulfil your day and bring happiness into your life but these are three easy ways that you can incorporate into your daily life. Remember to try and bring as many positive things into your world as you can.

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