At Zortex, we supply hand-made and unique jewellery from the brand 'Theodora'. Theodora is a start-up alongside Zortex so basically, we are the same company. However, Theodora is a seperate brand currently dedicated to Jewellery with the potential to grow and sell other gift ideas.


All of our jewellery is hand made and each product is totally unique. We aim to make them to a high standard but as they are hand-made, there may be some quirks to some of the products. However, we will not try to hide these from you. 

As well as each product being unique, we also offer the option for you to send a written note with the some of items. If you choose not to add that extra, then we will send a note with a positive affirmation for that day because we all need a bit of positivity in our lives. 

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