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"There is nothing impossible to him who will try"

Alexander The Great

We aim to help young people struggling with anxiety issues to get through this difficult time, overcome anxiety and achieve success....

Meet Theo

Throughout my life, I have faced many difficulties, especially when growing up. There were issues with family divides, my sister passed away from cancer, we lost our house, I suffered from mental health problems, I had a horse that was uncontrollable etc. But I also achieved a lot.


I got through school and then university with a first class Bachelors of Science in Computing, I gained a lot of business experience working closely in my family’s business and I have gained a lot of knowledge about training horses and dogs. Through difficulties, I did a lot of self education in various topics whether for academic purposes or just general life.


Now is my chance to help others, who may be experiencing similar life challenges. Hopefully some of the things I have learnt throughout life will be able to help you. I believe that my experience is what enables me to offer advice to others. When I have sought help, it made a huge difference if the person I was talking to had experienced something similar or not. But please note, I am not a healthcare professional, I just want to help others achieve the best they can.


Disclaimer : By using any of our services, you are acknowledging that I’m not a licensed healthcare professional or qualified in these field areas. I am offering advice based off my own knowledge and experience.

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